So, Because I spend an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest, I’ve decided there are a lot of problems. This is just my page where I can chronicle them all as I find them.

Some pins need to STOP being repinned!


What the hell is this, any why does everyone think it’s so brilliant? This has been on Pinterest from the very beginning.


This is that stupid easter egg craft. Everyone has been repinning it not even near the easter season. This is one of those crafts that NO ONE ACTUALLY DOES! And If you try it, it’s probably gonna turn out like shit. Everyone needs to stop getting so excited about egss.


This stupid chicken has been on Pinterest FOREVER. It’s just fucking chicken. It’s like a nice picture of fucking chicken! If you actually look at it, it’s in a shitty pan. No one is actually that excited to eat this chicken. And it has just been coming up on my feed over and over again. Please stop.

And With Summer comes the return of these gems…



I repinned these for the first time probably 2 years ago. And with summer, they always come back. Yes, they are relatively cute…but they are probably not sold anywhere nowadays because they came on Pinterest 2 fucking years ago!

WTF Pinterest?


Why is this a pin? No one wants this.


Like WTF? Who invented this?


Someone seriously repinned this?!


I see why people might think this is a good pin. But if you seriously look at it, it is the same shot of an eye with some make-up rotated and insta-collaged 3 times. With lips. This is ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.52.40 AM

Seriously? How to CLEAN A FISH?! Why Pinterest? Why!? Who on this website would need to clean a fish?! And who is going to learn this via the internet. I’m done.

People I Hate:

People who clog up the frickin’ news feed. We get it. You want a tattoo (You’re in a sorority)

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.13.22 AM

The Rise And Fall Of Pinterest

Back when I started pinning…which was probably almost 2 years ago at this point, Pinterest was a pretty new site. You still had to have someone invite you to join, which I don’t think you have to do anymore.

In the beginning it was VERY girly. It was all wedding dresses and quotes about love and home decor ideas. This was still pretty cool, but the standard of pins were pretty low (home-taken on phone cameras) I look back at my very first pins and they weren’t very exciting.

About a year later, Pinterest was in it’s PRIME. There were some great crafting pins and you could find recipes and really good quality photographs.

Then I started to notice a pattern…and I called it early, Pinterest was going to get taken over by the internet.

Now ‘the internet’ I refer to is the youtube-obsessed, tumblr-blogging, meme-loving interneters. I’m not saying this is bad group of people! I love those people. But up to this point, they hadn’t taken much interest in Pinterest, but I knew it was coming and I called it back then.

And it’s happened.

Now Pinterest is full of memes and Dr. Who paraphernalia. (Of course I don’t mind because I love both of those things)

For example: This collection of cat photos would have NEVER been on Pinterest


It’s just harder now to keep your feeds clear of some of that annoying stuff that you doing really like.


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