Why You Should Really Do Recruitment


It’s that time of year again, folks. 


A time in your college life where you can chose to join the world of the Greeks high up on Mount Olympus or be left with the peons down in the the lowly realm. 

That is clearly satire so to all the people who are getting into a huff over that, calm down please. 

This is a time that all “potential new members” will be told countless times all the upsides to rushing. Countless people spitting in your face “it’s the best decision I ever made” “you can make some of your best friends” “it’s a great opportunity”. Yes, we all understand that much. We’ve seen Legally Blonde and, let’s be honest, everyone’s wanted to live just a little bit of that life at some point. 

The “everyone” in that sentence is clearly empirical, so don’t go tearing apart my writing. I’m being witty, so understand the tone please. 

But the best reason to do Greek recruitment I can think of is this:

Why the hell not?

Seriously. We are young and strong and passionate. This is the time in our lives to try absolutely everything. I’m not saying you have to join, no that you can decide after the process. I am saying just to go for it. What is holding you back? What do you actually have to lose? 


This is the time in our lives where we are growing and changing and becoming the people that we want to be. The people we are supposed to be. And what if this is an amazing opportunity for change and growth and your just going to pass it up because your nervous? Or you feel judged? Your friends aren’t doing it? 

Well tell them the same thing I’m telling you. 

Just do it. Why the hell not? 

It could be amazing. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed to be amazing. But just the chance that it could be the best change, seems like reason enough. 

Why the hell not? 


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