Freshman Year: A Poem


As finals week of second semester is closed

An ode to the year, poetically posed

The best way to phrase always involves rhyme

Cause you’re only a freshman in college one time

So cheers to the nights we went a bit mad

And cheers to the crazy adventures we had

We’ve all had the hook-up that was rather unkind

We’ve all got crazy drunk out of our mind


Going into the year, we were dreading our doom

All the terrors to deal with when sharing a room

Luckily our new roommate turned out to be cool

And college was a much better deal than high school

We all had that professor who just blew us away

No longer were we stuck in a classroom all day

We could sit in the quad, and drink coffee, and read

Until some dumb pot head comes selling us weed


So we joined all the clubs, and we got all involved

The problem of friends immediately solved

Wow, all these new people and all these new things

We’re strutting through campus, we’re feeling like kings

But then there’s that night, that you wish to forget

And this crazy college life you will start to regret

But don’t be discouraged, we all have that night

And your newly made friends will make everything right

Cause college is great, yeah, college is fun

You’re life as an adult has only begun


So I cheer to this year, as my last freshman sun sets

Make the next three even better, I won’t leave with regrets


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