Film Set: A Poem


Come on a journey, we’ll take you away

Here you will spend 12 hours of your day

Apple boxes for you, and pancakes galore

No this is not a grocery store

It’s a film set you bimbo, don’t you know this is film school

Weekends for parties? Oh you know your not that cool

Have fun waking up at a quarter to four

That’s AM, an hour you’ve not seen before

All the terms and procedures, I can’t even begin

A C-47?! Why can’t you call it a clothes pin?!

Abbreviations are a bitch, you’ll never regroup

AC, AD, UPM, It’s alphabet soup!

Don’t forget PA, PD and DP

I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be!

Its not hard to prove we’re the coolest around

Oh wait, one second, we’re holding for sound

If you got good crafty, go on, take a bite

It’s fine cause our DP needs more time to light

It’s lunch girl, you’ve only got 6 hours more!

Suck it up, bitch, it’s film school, and that means it’s war!

And we all persevere, as our energies fade

Cause at the end of the day were getting a film made

This is what we love, no better place to be

And that’s why we’re struggling for the film industry :))


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