Mary Poppins: Skit 2013


These are stills from the skit that I’ve been in charge of. I cannot get over how amazing these look. Bringing a bit of magic. ImageOur Jane, Michael and Mary. There was backlash when I cast them, but these three sparkled on stage. They are beautiful, and Erin (Jane) is so adorable. ImageAshley is in the dino outfit. This is the Spoonful of Sugar scene where the toys come to life. Ashley was our choreographer and she had my job last year. She understand that craziness that is Skit at my school. ImageThe Chimney sweep dance was the only dance I choreographed. It turned out great. Our Bert is in the center. ImageHow can you do Mary Poppins without penguins? Monika was our Bert and her facial expressions were my favorite. She brought so much life to the stage. Image

I cannot get over the attitude in this picture. Kayla (Mary) looks so incredible and Monika (Bert) has the best expression. This is right about to go into our finale. ImageThis is a still from the finale dance. Everyone was out there going crazy and it’s awesome. ImageHere are all my children. That’s seriously what they feel like. I shopped for them. This skit was my baby and all these girls were so amazing. I have so much pride in my heart. This picture depicts so accurately everything I feel for this skit. It’s so much love and magic and that’s exactly what I wanted.


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