Advice: Vision Boards


This week I have grown to find something pretty amazing. 

I’m going to give some advice to everyone. 


I decided to make this a few months ago. It is basically a board that has pictures of various things that you want in your life so you can strive for them. Literally, It’s crazy because, I didn’t even realize, but 6 months later a BUNCH of the things on my board had came true. I didn’t even try. 

1. There was a picture of Italy (my Grandma had decided over Christmas to get me on this trip to Italy over the summer)

2. There was a picture of Paris (My mom had offered to take me to Paris!)

3. There was a picture of an outfit that I realized I had actually bought over the last month or so and didn’t even REALIZE!

4. A picture of long red curly hair (I had just dyed my hair and managed to make it look just like that)

5. This couple making out (I realized now that it looks just like me and this guy I make out with)

I realized this about 2 days ago…and I actually started to cry. 

It had come true. Everything that I had envisioned had actually come true. There were other little bits about being happy and having fun which I completely think came true as well. 

It’s magical. It’s surreal. I can’t describe it accurately in words. It’s crazy when you realize you’re living your dream life. 

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