Sororities: Girl Problems


Sororities have problems.

But I think I have targeted the central one.

Sororities are political and formal and structural, but first and foremost…

They are a group of women all trying to make decisions and plan shit. (Eloquent huh?)

And the problem with that is…

All women have opinions!

A beautiful gem of an idea or plan is ruined and morphed in the attempts to incorporate all the different opinions and ideas of 100 other girls!!!

Here’s a recent real-life example:

An idea for a fundraiser was brought to life.

A Man Auction

I was in the room when this idea was proposed. There was a lot of excitement but I realized a few flaws:

What if a guy didn’t get bid on?

People might feel awkward showing interest in a certain guy.

So I suggested (because I’m a girl and I like opinions) that we do it like Gilmore Girls (The tiskit tasket episode).

The guys all have a picnic basket with food so u bet on the guy and u get the basket and a little picnic with the food and the guys. Totally harmless. Totally adorable.

They loved this. It could be baskets of other things too…like movie tickets. (I was like…sure,whatever that works too)

However…when the idea was proposed to more people more concerns were brought up and the chick in change was getting more and more discouraged.

She wanted to please everyone.

So now….

The event is a silent auction and a dance. Where people dance and bid on various goods and there are guys around trying to sell their basket of goods….

Which is a stupid event.

It started out as a gem…and then got so twisted and watered down that its not even cute anymore.

I feel sorry for the person in charge.


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