My Competitive Nature


So. I speak Italian.

And by that I mean…I am in the process of learning to speak Italian.

I love Italian. And Italians. And Italy. And I know it’s a little cliche but pretty much everything about their culture and language and mannerisms is so amusing and amazing.

This is the second semester of my 5th year of Italian. I think I’m pretty good.

I can understand Luigi in CARS.

Put bluntly, I am used to being the QUEEN of Italian.

My high school professor loved me and I pretty much kicked butt at this language.

I got an award for best Italian student on the school Junior and Senior year. (Usually its a senior)

I started in Italian 101 this year because I figured I could relearn some basics. And my legacy as queen continued.

However, this semester…there is a girl in my class who LIVED IN ITALY!

Of course she speaks good Italian!

So of course, being an alpha female I was threatened and disliked her immediately.

But of course he was super nice. We share the same love of Italians. And as I grew to discover that our knowledge was different and comparable I began to realize that maybe I could let her be king of Italian or something.

As long as I could still be queen. 🙂

Is this weird competitiveness normal? I’m going crazy. I’m treating a class like the fucking wild!

This is like means girls where there is the girl world and the animal world.

I guess we can never completely get rid of the animal nature inside.

Italian students were my pack…but I guess u gotta share the power now and then.


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