My Favorite Movie: Fight Club


I cannot believe that I have gone this long in my blog career without talking about my favorite movie.

Fight Club.



This is David Fincher’s MASTERPIECE. 

And I know that I am breaking the first rule, but give me a little break because my obsession for this movie is over-whelming. 

Staring my ALL TIME favorite Actor: BRAD PITT. And my all time favorite Actress: HELENA BONHAM CARTER. 

It also has Ed Norton, who I LOVE!

Can you tell I love this movie?

“Sometimes when I ask people if they’ve seen Fight Club they get…over-excited. One time I was like…who’s seen Fight Club? And someone yells ‘Ed Norton! Brad Pitt!’ I’m like..they have probably seen in, true…but that’s not the way you need to answer that question” (Myq Kaplan, hilarious comedian)

So what do I love the most about this movie?

Is it the fact that we get to see sexy Brad Pitt shirtless?


That is definitely a good reason. He is so gorgeous. And I swear to god I will be married to him.

Is it Helena Bonham Carter being her eccentric and crazy self?


Yes and yes. She is so hilarious in this movie.

Or maybe it’s the fact that this movie is SO RIDICULOUS and QUIRKY! 


And so BIZARRE! 


So, because I am breaking the first rule, I’m not gonna talk about this movie anymore.

But if you HAVEN’T SEEN IT.



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