Me In Public: I Struggle


I seriously cannot be left on my own

I sound just like an extrovert when I say that I need people around me, but there is a completely alternative motive.

I cannot survive on my own.

I don’t even know my own opinions of things. The other day I asked my friend if I liked the song that was playing.

I also can’t remember a single thing. Everyone around me is my own little reminder system. “Remind me to tell you a story” “Remind me to get my laundry” “Remind me to send that email when this episode is over”

And also, I can’t be in public alone because I am certifiably insane. I have inside jokes with myself. And I laugh out loud at myself. I am also incapable of keeping me emotions inside. If something I think is funny happens I’m just going to be chuckling to myself like a creeper.

I’m that person that is sitting by them self and cracking up at their phone.

Do you need and example of how insane I am?

I love the movie Pitch Perfect (obviously) and the character Benji. There is a guy on my campus who looks an reminds me of Benji. So I’ve named him Benji in my head and now I see him everywhere.

And everytime I see him I crack myself up!

The other day I saw him and immediately thought I knew him so I smiled all big like “Hey!” Only to realize I’ve literally never said a word to him, and I looked like a freak. And he stared at me like I have 4 arms.

That’s the point where I just put my head down and scurry away.

Also, I sing in public to myself and I don’t even realize

I need people around me to make me seem just a tiny bit more normal. Because I can’t be trusted to just hang out with myself. We would get up to way too much trouble.

And now I’m talking in plurals.

I think I’m going insane.


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