College In A Nut Shell


I did not make this. I found this, and yet I think it defines my life pretty accurately. I guess my struggle bus has many riders. Welcome, friends. 

When you first got to college, you probably felt like this.


Because high school was all like,



Then graduation came and you said your goodbyes.



All summer, all you could think was,



Because you imagined once you got to college, it would be like,


You thought parties would be SO CRAZY!





And that you’d walk in looking SO effortlessly sexy!




…but then you went out, and it was more like,



and “effortlessly sexy” turned into,



Suddenly people were staring at you like,



And you started out SO CONFIDENT about your flirting abilities,



Totally ready for your love life to be all,



…but then you saw a cute guy and your brain melted, and it came out more like,






And he just laughed at you.



So you decided, welp,



and walked away from him all casually like,



Then you sat in your dorm thinking,



And you told your friends all about it, adding,


Expecting them to be all like,



…but instead of comforting you, they were all,



and tried awkwardly to make it better.



Now, walking around campus just annoys you.



Not to mention your roommate’s stupid boyfriend comes over all the time and they’re all cute together.



And you’re just like,



So you decide,



Hey, remember when you said you’d do anything to avoid the Freshman 15?



Well, somehow that turned into,




So now you just try to focus on your assets.



Oh, and people are always asking you, “So, how are your classes?”



And yeah, sometimes you do go to class.



But class means papers, homework, and tests.



Your parents keep saying, “Are you going to college to have a good time or to get an education?” And you’re just like,



But really, sometimes college can get overwhelming.



There are definitely days when you feel like,



But eventually, you’ll stop getting upset about the little things, like embarrassing yourself in front of a guy,



if someone is rude to you or turns you down,



or just about any other problem that comes your way.



You’ll find that group of friends you can be your weird self with.



You’ll be able to tell them absolutely everything,



and they’ll be happy for you when good things happen,



and they’ll be there to give you a hug when things get sucky.



So hey, maybe college isn’t exactly what you imagined it would be when you were in high school, but don’t worry!



Eventually, it all works out.



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