How To Win At Pinterest

I am (unfortunately for my studies) in a very serious relationship with Pinterest. 

I’m assuming most girls know about this website.

If you don’t…it is where you can browse thousands (millions) of pictures of people/places/things and pin them to boards.

It’s a girls dream. A combination of online shopping and organizing! Probably the most stereotypical girl website ever!

I feel that I pretty much have the ropes down with Pinterest. If you want to check out my beautifully sculpted boards you can go to

(On a side note…if anyone thought facebook stalking said a lot about a person, Pinterest stalking says so much more! I don’t know why more guys don’t stalk girls on Pinterest, or especially if your girlfriend has a PInterest. It’s like all her hopes and dreams represented in pictures)

I will procede to give my advice for how to “win” Pinterest.

Step #1: What you can and cannot Pin:

Can Pin:
Nice well-photographed pictures.

Can’t Pin:
Awkward iPhone photos with crappy lighting. You’re board will look cheap if you have a bunch of weird selfies…

Another point is that, when you first get on Pinterest, your inclination is to repin everything you like. Resist this. Be conservative with your pinning. Your boards will have more quality if you only pin the best, and you’ll be happy later.

Step #2: Make your boards look good:

You’re title should be original, or simple. For example, I saw one clothing board that was called “No Lion, No Witch, Only Wardrobe”. That is so clever. If you’re not that original, you can just go with “My Style” or “Shoe Love” (using ‘love’ in the title is never a bad thing).

You should avoid unnecessary punctuation, for example: “SHOES!!! <3”, that looks tacky.

CAPITALIZE your titles. “Summer Dress Love” is much better than “summer dress love”

If you want to expand your pinning at all, avoid boards like “Hair, Shoes, Dresses, and Purses”. If you pin for too long, that board will become crowded and confusing. You can do “Hairstyles”, “Accessories” and “Dresses”. New boards can have only a few pins for a while…but that brings me to point 2…

Which Boards to Keep:
If a board has had only a few pins (That’s less than 15) for a considerable amount of time, you should cut that board loose. It’s obviously not adding to your collection. You can move those pins to another board, or combine a board.

On a personal note: I absolutely hate fitness boards…too me it’s like…if you are so interested in fitness you shouldn’t be on Pinterest, though a lot of people have fitness boards that are really nice. 

Picking A Cover Photo:
You should always pick a cover photo for your board. It should be something nice and something that really represents what your board/personality is like. If you don’t pick a cover photo it will just be an awkwardly centered image of the last thing you pinned to that board. You’re boards won’t look good.

Whenever I am looking into following someone I can always judge by their cover photos. If they don’t put the time into picking good cover photos, they probably won’t put time into picking their pins.

 Step #3: Who To Follow

You can follow all your friends, I would actually encourage it! They are your friends and probably have the same taste as you.

You should also follow people you don’t. It’s not creepy on Pinterest, I swear. Whenever someone follows me, I’m honored despite if I know them or not.

I find the best way to find new people to follow is to see where other people repinned things from, of to go to the original source of a Pin. I would say you should browse their pins first before following them. You should also make sure they are not a “crazy pinner” that will clog up your wall, or a “non-existant pinner” that will never pin anything. You can also just follow certain boards if you didn’t already know that.

Now, I’m going to give you just some basic Pinterest tips that I’ve picked up:

1. Don’t clog up people’s feed. Be conservative in pinning and try to avoid pinning a million of one thing all at once. When you create a new board, you’re going to want to repin as many of those things to build your board. Don’t do it. One of my biggest pet peeves is Sorority Boards. When someone gets into a sorority they will clog everyone’s feed with a million pins of their sorority.

No one can repin those, and it’s really annoying. You can totally pin sorority things…just not all at once.

The same goes for memes and fandom posts. Not everyone can relate, so try not to pin all that stuff at once.

2. Decide which board you will pin to first, Prioritize. By this I mean, If a pin has 2 boards it could potentially go into…decide right away which board pins like that should go to. For instance, I have a cupcake and a Harry Potter board…so a Harry Potter cupcake I have decided would go to the Harry Potter board. This is because the Harry Potter board is smaller than the cupcake board so it needs more pins.

3. Don’t bother tagging people in a pin. They don’t get notified. If they see it, then they’ll get it, but tagging people really makes no sense on Pinterest.

And Last, but certainly not least:


Pinterest is just online shopping and organizing, but it can be used. Go back through your boards and get fashion ideas. Everything you repin should have a purpose. Pinterest is pointless if you just repin and forget about it. I love going back through my boards and seeing the things I repinned.

It’s especially good for crafy ideas and style ideas!

You can even buy things through Pinterest links, however, i wouldn’t encourage starting this trend because then you will just get addicted to buying things.

Learn it, use it, love it. 

Happy Pinning!


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