Film School: An Inside Perspective


If you are looking at your future, and thinking “I want to study something that will get me absolutely nowhere in life”…then you should go to film school.

Hey, I am love with being in film school.

The people are crazy. You get to work fancy machinery. And you can take classes like “Screenwriting Fundamentals” and “Audio Techniques” when your friends with other majors are taking “Macro-Economics” and “Math Analysis”.

Hey, not to belittle those classes. If that’s your piece of cake, then great! Why bother reading this blog entry? You are clearly going somewhere with your life and I will happily pour you and your rich friends drinks when you come into the bar I’m wasting my days away at.

In the mean time, Im not wasting my money on textbooks. How many books did I buy this semester? 1. And how much did it cost? 10 freakin dollars.

Now, there is a difference between different film majors. Film studies and Screenwriting are obviously different from Film Production. And as a girl film production major I feel like I have a great perspective on one thing:

Film Production Men.

It is seriously a phenomenon. These men are film buffs. By definition, they are pretty nerdy guys. They are basically computer dorks who like making YouTube videos. But they have WAY too much confidence for computer dorks. They think they are the SHIT! It’s so incredibly baffling.

I’m like… You’ve never had a girlfriend in your life. How can u be so confident?

Regardless, I do love film school. And film production people.

I have many more stories. And it really is a crazy life I lead.



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