Yes I’m A Sorority Girl


So, I have always loved the movie Legally Blonde…but I was never a “sorority girl”. The movie was were the love ended. 

So the fact that I am now technically a “sorority girl” is completely baffling to me. I’m not 100% sure why I rushed. It was actually a torturous weekend of smiling and telling everyone about my major and what I liked to do for fun. 

But then I ended up becoming a Phi Sig. That’s Phi Sigma Sigma. 

And surprisingly…even to me…I absolutely love it. 

I’m a council member now! What a stereotype. I’m going to be that girl next fall that goes “Just give greek life a chance. Trust the system, you will end up where you are meant to be!” I literally just rolled my eyes at myself. 

My sisters are some of my best friends. It’s weird. 

I guess the moral of the story is: Try new things. And sometimes it’s not so bad to be a stereotype. 

Being a sorority girl allowed me to meet so many really awesome and down-to-earth (Seriously) people. I love being a sorority girl and I won’t deny it to anyone. 

LITP Phi Sigs!



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  1. This message is funny and insightful. I enjoy hearing and seeing many different types of things. College life is one of them. The lifestyle of a college student intrigues me because of meeting new people, clubs, fraternities, sororities and promising young people who will change the world. I am going to Greek Week for the University of California Los Angeles next week to participate in games. I am also trying to get my idea for my television show into production. It is about three college freshman girls and their experiences in college.

      • I look forward to hearing them. Maybe I can use some information you provide in my script. I ask a lot of questions when I meet someone. Here are some. What are some common things girls in your sorority talk about? Do you attend a lot of parties with sorority and fraternity members? What makes a sorority life interesting?

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