Californians: A Midwestern Perspective


Here’s the deal:

I’m from Minnesota. I lived there for 18 years. I’ve been in California for about 6 months. Therefore, I think I’m an outsiders opinion. I love California, and Californians, but there is something that is completely baffling to me…Californian’s reaction to weather.

It rained for the first time out here sometime in October. I had only been in California a month or so and the first rain was comical to me.

Californians freak the FUCK out!

No one goes to class.

People can’t even drive their cars properly.

Facebook is just a constant stream of: “Oh my god, it’s storming”, “Wtf? Rain?”, “Ugg, It’s so rainy”.

Let me clarify…It doesn’t even RAIN in California. It MISTS. You can barely feel it when you walk around. It barely affects cars…why does everyone act like it’s the fucking apocalypse. Honestly people, calm down. Coming from a place that has BLIZZARDS, I think I’m entitled enough to tell you this is no reason to board the doors up and hide in your rooms.

Crazy Californians.


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